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Polystyrene: fighting the odds

# Depolymerisation, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

Justin Riney, Sustainability Commercial Manager, Americas, discloses advances in recycling as well as legislative challenges for styrenics including polystyrene in an exclusive Q&A with Plastics Today. Read more

The plastics transition towards circularity

The plastics transition towards circularity

# Styrenics

2023 marks the European plastics industry putting a stake in the ground by publishing a circular and net-zero roadmap for its industry. So far, the public discussion about the pros and cons of plastics has been led by environmental organisations demanding a reduced use of plastics, replacement of plastics by other materials or even a ban of plastics. The plastics industry is now speaking up with concrete proof points to back their targets and goals. Read more

Sustainable styrenics: revolutionising the present, pioneering the future


INEOS Styrolution is empowering customers to make sustainable choices by leading the way in the styrenics industry with its mechanically recycled and bio-attributed solutions. Read more

A balancing act: the key to sustainable supply chains

# Bio-Attribution

Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to get ECO products made from renewable feedstock from an idea to a commercial solution. Read more

Performance up. Footprint down.

Performance up. Footprint down.

# Depolymerisation, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene, Styrenics

The essence of our sustainability commitment, which we summarise as “Performance up. Footprint down”, is to quickly transition to a low-carbon, circular economy with drop-in sustainable styrenics solutions for all applications that are on par with conventional product performance. We are investing to deliver on our vision and have a clear line of sight on the complexities and regulatory factors that will determine our success. Read on to find out how we plan to deliver on this promise. Read more

Pathways to circularity for styrenics

# Depolymerisation, Dissolution, Mechanical Recycling, Pyrolysis, Styrenics

We break down the science of styrenics recycling to show you that styrenics is designed for recycling and offers unequalled recycling performance due to its compatibility with different recycling technologies. Read more

Styrenics play a vital role in our modern, daily lives

# Corporate, Styrenics

Join Poly the parrot as she discovers the more than 90-year history of polystyrene, learns about the essential material applications that styrenics help create, explores four new recycling technologies for polystyrene, and explains what product life cycle assessments mean. Read more

The new standard work on recycling of plastics

# ABS, Depolymerisation, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene, Styrenics

Together with a team of renowned authors from across the industry, Dr. Norbert Niessner, Global Innovation Director at INEOS Styrolution, has published ‘Recycling of Plastics’ – a book that leaves no question on the topic unanswered. Read more

The magic of change with Styrolution ECO

# ABS, ASA, Bio-Attribution, Depolymerisation, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene, SAN, SBC, SMMA, Styrenics

INEOS Styrolution is pioneering a growing portfolio of ECO products that are available as drop-in solutions for our customers. We transform used plastics into new plastics with our recycling technologies and create new materials with renewable feedstock. Making sustainable styrenics for all applications. Read more

Creating a circular economy in the household appliance industry

# ABS, Corporate, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

Together with GER and Midea, we have created the world’s first large-scale closed-loop circular economy system for home appliances. Read more

Closing the loop with Styrolution PS ECO

# Corporate, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

Polystyrene experts from Europe and Asia share how we are closing the circular economy loop for styrenics with recycled polystyrene.  Read more

All you need to know about product carbon footprints

All you need to know about product carbon footprints

# ABS, Bio-Attribution, Corporate, Depolymerisation, Polystyrene, Styrenics

How much greenhouse gas emissions are associated with our products along their life cycle? And how do we plan to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of our products? Read on to find out. Read more

Further expanding our ECO specialties offerings

# Bio-Attribution, SAN, SMMA

Our latest addition to our ECO portfolio is Luran S ECO, the first bio-attributed ASA solution in the market that includes up to 50% bio-attributed content. Read more

100% bio-attributed option now available for select ECO products

# Bio-Attribution, SBC

Our Styrolux® ECO and Styroflex® ECO product lines comprising 100% bio-attributed feedstock are now available to customers. Read more

Getting another step closer to a circular economy for polystyrene

# Depolymerisation, Polystyrene

We recently signed an offtake agreement with Indaver that gives us access to styrene monomer produced from post-consumer waste at its planned depolymerisation plant. Read more

Closing the loop with ECO specialty polymers

# Bio-Attribution, Corporate, Depolymerisation, Mechanical Recycling, SBC

Our European experts share how we are closing the circular economy loop with our ECO range of specialty polymers. Read more

Closing the loop with Terluran ECO

# ABS, Corporate, Mechanical Recycling

ABS experts from Americas, Europe, and Asia share how we are closing the circular economy loop for styrenics with mechanically recycled ABS.  Read more

INEOS Styrolution features in TV series, EARTH

INEOS Styrolution features in TV series, EARTH

# Corporate, Styrenics

INEOS Styrolution America will be featured in episode 19, of EARTH with John Holden; airing in March 2022. Read more

Lights. Camera. Action.

# Corporate, Polystyrene

INEOS Styrolution had the exciting opportunity to work with a production team from an award-winning educational television series to showcase the amazing benefits that styrenic polymers have to offer. Read more

Measuring the carbon footprint of polystyrene recycling

# Depolymerisation, Dissolution, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

A lifecycle assessment of mechanical and advanced recycling processes for polystyrene reveals significant savings in greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

Taking the single out of single-use food packaging

Taking the single out of single-use food packaging

# Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

Made with mechanically recycled polystyrene, Styrolution® PS ECO can be used for food packaging such as dairy packaging and foam trays. Read more

Breathing new LIFE into our products

Breathing new LIFE into our products


We are leading a four-year, three-million-euro subsidised project, to convert polystyrene waste into high-quality styrene for use in durable applications. Read more

Mechanical recycling: converting waste into value

# ABS, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

Our mechanically recycled polystyrene and ABS products offer unparalleled performance with no downcycling. Read more

Depolymerisation: moving from lab-scale to pilot-scale

# Depolymerisation, Polystyrene

We reveal our plans to build a depolymerisation plant for polystyrene recycling in Wingles, France. Read more

Polystyrene, a modern marvel

# Depolymerisation, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

Polystyrene, one of the first commercially used polymers, is the material of choice in many industries. And we are making sure it has an even brighter future. Read more

Remove2Reclaim: Researching dissolution for styrenic polymers

# Dissolution, Polystyrene

Dissolution or dissolving plastic is one of the least-expensive solutions with the best time to market and the lowest carbon footprint. Read about our research project in Belgium that is investigating this technology. . Read more

Living sustainability. Together.

# ABS, Polystyrene

We are collaborating with customers to help make their sustainability goals a reality. Read more

Shifting to renewable power in Europe

# Corporate

INEOS has made a ten-year power purchase agreement for renewable offshore wind power with sustainable energy producer Eneco. German production sites have switched to green power as of January 2022. Read more

Joining forces to advance Asia’s circular economy goals

# ABS, Mechanical Recycling

With our recent collaboration with Samsung Resin, an established compounder in South Korea, we are now able to produce high quality virgin-like ABS grades as a drop-in solution to our customers across Asia. Read more

The misconceptions of polystyrene

The misconceptions of polystyrene

# Depolymerisation, Dissolution, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

Anti-plastic rhetoric has been a hot topic for a while, with some proclaiming the solution to plastic waste is to completely get rid of it, full stop. However, it is important to step back and ask if that approach truly takes us in the right direction - and if it is realistic. Read more

ResolVe: Researching depolymerisation of polystyrene

# Depolymerisation, Polystyrene

We have successfully completed a research project to create basic chemistry know-how supporting the commercialisation of polystyrene depolymerisation. Read more

Advancing China’s circular economy target with GER

# ABS, Mechanical Recycling

China is our largest market for ABS and with our collaboration with world-leading Chinese recycler GER, we will now be able to offer high-quality recycled ABS as a drop-in solution for customers in the Chinese market. Read more

Polystyrene + dairy packaging = a winning combination

Polystyrene + dairy packaging = a winning combination

# Depolymerisation, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

Innovation and expertise have elevated polystyrene to the most popular material solution for dairy product packaging. Read more

Building the best recycled ABS in the world

# ABS, Mechanical Recycling

Our quest to make the first (and best) world-scale recycled ABS started in 2018. Since then, there has been a rapid growth in demand and capacity for this product Read more

Cleaning up our act

# Corporate

We are helping clean up our local communities and reduce plastic waste pollution. Read more

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