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INEOS Styrolution had the exciting opportunity to work with a production team from an award-winning educational television series. Teams from our Americas office, headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, and our polystyrene plant located in Channahon, Illinois, filmed video segments for both, national television, and commercial airings. 

Often thought of as a recent modern invention, the team shared the interesting history of plastics whose beginnings in fact, trace all the way back to the 1800s.  

We are focused on the expansion of public education about the many benefits of plastics, while sharing how INEOS Styrolution fits within this important conversation. In our video, we highlight the numerous industries that rely on styrenics for their essential applications and sustainable nature. INEOS Styrolution was the first company to demonstrate the polymerization of polystyrene using raw material produced from depolymerization – a key technology in the circularity of polystyrene. We have since launched our ECO product line globally, which includes sustainable product offerings across our portfolio of styrenics, with the vision of ensuring the styrenic products of the future, are made from the same molecules in use today. 
“Plastics have existed for a long time. The first plastic was invented in 1869, in an attempt to imitate ivory. There was a need to come up with a new material that could behave like natural resources, but would be much more accessible, inexpensive, and could provide a bigger benefit to society. Interest in this kind of material was gaining importance, and companies started to invest in research and development to create many new materials that then became an indispensable part of our modern life. ” – Mohammed Abboud, PH.D, Business Director, INEOS Styrolution 
“We have worldwide facilities and we produce high-quality styrenics; polystyrene, ABS, ASA, transparent specialties and some blends of those materials. The advantage of being a global leader in this segment is that we are able to provide to every single industry. From automotive, medical, household appliances, toys, sports and leisure, and packaging for foodservice and medical.” – Ricardo Cuetos, Vice President Americas, Standard Products  
“As the globe works to combat climate change, plastics are critically important to this effort because plastics are actually, extremely climate friendly. They are lightweight in nature, which means they use less fuel during the shipping process, and they provide great insulation, which reduces energy use. Plastics are circular which means that the material we use today, at end of life can be recycled back into new raw materials again. The plastics industry has been busy working to create new innovations and technologies around plastics circularity and in this way, we’re really excited to ensure that tomorrow we can continue to thrive using the same materials that are in use today. 

If individuals are interested in ways that they can reduce their impact on plastic waste, my first advice would be to please recycle. Plastics industries are really looking for feedstock for recycling. Making sure that you are recycling, and recycling properly is really important to getting that feedstock back into the supply chain.”  -  Cassie Bradley, Sustainability Commercial Manager, INEOS Styrolution 



Please enjoy our full video!

Please enjoy our commercial video!

Our commercial first airs on Fox Business News Thursday, February 24, 2022 (6p-11p), and Sunday, February 27, 2022 (6p-11p).



Through the creation of the matrix of a circular economy for plastics, where valuable material is recovered and kept in the circle infinitely — together, we are able to create a world were anything is possible for the future of styrenics. 

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