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Further expanding our ECO specialties offerings

Just three years since the launch of INEOS Styrolution ECO, comprising products made from post-consumer recycled material as well as renewable feedstock, we have expanded this sustainable family of products. In addition to our polystyrene and ABS ECO materials, we also offer a wide range of specialties copolymers that include SBC, SAN, AMSAN, and SMMA.

Our latest addition is Luran S ECO, the first bio-attributed ASA solution in the market that includes up to 50% bio-attributed content. Luran S is a family of products for very demanding applications. It is particularly known for use in outdoor applications. Its UV resistance makes it the material of choice for a range of applications in the construction industry and exterior applications in automotive. 

Our life cycle assessments (LCA) show that the new Luran S ECO products will offer up to 58% carbon footprint reduction when compared to the respective fossil-based products, depending on the selected Luran S grade.

The entire bio-attribution process is certified by ISCC. We encourage interested customers to talk to us about these new options.

SBC: styrene butadiene copolymer
SAN: styrene acrylonitrile
AMSAN: alpha-methylstyrene acrylonitrile
SMMA: styrene methyl methacylrate
ASA: acrylonitrile styrene acrylate

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