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Sustainable styrenics: revolutionising the present, pioneering the future

INEOS Styrolution is empowering customers to make sustainable choices by leading the way in the styrenics industry with its mechanically recycled and bio-attributed solutions.

INEOS Styrolution has combined the unique, high-performing properties of styrenics with game-changing technologies and its in-depth expertise to offer INEOS Styrolution ECO: a sustainable range of styrenics products made using post-consumer recycled waste or renewable feedstock – now available in Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. The company’s range of PS, ABS and specialties ECO products are an ideal choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact without compromising on quality.


One highlight ABS product available in the market today is Terluran® ECO B100 containing bio-attributed content from all three monomers (acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene monomer). We see strong customer demand and growth potential for this product and have also translated this concept to our specialty ABS product lines such as Novodur® and Novodur® HH.

Another stand-out product is Styrolution® PS ECO, a 100% post-consumer recycled polystyrene solution, is fully recyclable, and has the same mechanical and surface properties of its fossil-based equivalent.

First food tray applications based on Styrolution PS ECO have already introduced by SIRAP, an international leader of food-packaging containers, and Pal Packaging, a manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and foodservice products.

Due to the inclusion of an additional ‘super-cleaning’ process step, this method of mechanically recycling polystyrene has the potential to enable food-grade approval. Following several excellent challenge test results, Styrenics Circular Solutions has applied for EU authorisation for food-contact compliancy based on this super-clean process for mechanically recycled polystyrene.

SIRAP and Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller, a leading German dairy manufacturer, are collaborating with INEOS Styrolution to develop circular solutions for polystyrene based on depolymerisation.

INEOS Styrolution is also working with COEXPAN on mechanically recycled polystyrene for the dairy industry. COEXPAN’s research and development centre for packaging solutions (Innotech) successfully completed trials in 2022 with the full range of yoghurt cup formats using Styrolution® PS ECO 440FC MR100, with all dairy formats produced and tested to food contact standards.

Together with recycler GER and Midea, a leading electronics manufacturer, INEOS Styrolution has also created the world’s first large-scale closed-loop circular economy system for home appliances.

TUPLUS, a high-end manufacturer and designer of stylish, functional luggage, has selected Terluran® ECO for its new range of travel luggage.

Several market leaders representing diverse industries have opted for bio-attributed solutions from INEOS Styrolution for their next-generation products.

Orthex storage solutions brand has picked Luran® ECO for its popular SmartStore™ Compact and Compact Clear storage boxes.

BRITA, a leading brand in water filtration, has chosen Terluran® ECO, Styrolution® PS ECO and NAS® ECO as materials of choice for its portfolio of water filter jugs.

Nora the commercial rubber flooring brand of Interface, has selected Styroflex® ECO to support the company’s efforts to lower the carbon footprint of its products

Fratelli Guzzini has picked a range of INEOS Styrolution’s NAS® ECO for its new range of drinkware solutions. Hansgrohe, a leading global manufacturer of sanitary fittings selected Novodur® ECO for its shower heads and faucets.


INEOS Styrolution’s entire ECO range can be used as a drop-in solution with no compromise in performance, no product development necessary, no need to adapt technology and now new regulatory approvals needed. And with the added benefit that they are sustainably sourced and have a lower carbon footprint. 

With the availability of such a wide range of sustainable PS, ABS and specialties products today, INEOS Styrolution’s customers can now make sustainable choices with confidence, to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future.

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