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Getting another step closer to a circular economy for polystyrene

We are working with a variety of waste sorters, recyclers, technology providers and customers, to create sustainable styrenics solutions that have the product performance and properties on par with conventional solutions. 

One such partner is Indaver, a leading European waste management company, which shares our vision of a true circular economy for polystyrene. We recently signed an offtake agreement with them that gives us access to styrene monomer produced from post-consumer waste at Indaver’s planned depolymerisation plant.

Indaver’s new plant, which will be based in Antwerp, Belgium, will be the first of its kind in Europe. This agreement will enable us to produce polystyrene from recycled feedstock through depolymerisation that can replace styrene monomer produced from fossil feedstock. Thanks to this process, the recycled polystyrene will have identical properties and a lower carbon footprint as the virgin material, and will be able to meet the strict food contact standards.  

Indaver’s plant will be operational in 2024.

Follow the journey of a yoghurt cup getting recycled through depolymerisation

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