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The new standard work on recycling of plastics

In times, when the value of plastics to the society is taken for granted and at the same time is overshadowed by issues caused by the inappropriate handling of plastics after use, recycling of this material becomes more relevant than ever before. The new book on ‘Recycling of Plastics’ (ISBN: 978-1-569-90856-3, ISBN e-book: 978-1-569-90857-0), published by the Hanser Publishing House, addresses all aspects of the topic in nearly twenty chapters – from understanding the value chain in a circular economy to recycling technologies for a broad range of polymers, recycled materials and their properties and life cycle assessments to determine their environmental impact.

About fifty international industry leaders and renowned researchers have contributed to this book, exploring all aspects of recycling of polymers. The result is a comprehensive and state-of-the-art guide on the global recycling value chain with focus on the most important technologies.

Dr. Norbert Niessner, Global Innovation Director at INEOS Styrolution, says: “The book intends to show the current state in plastics recycling. I am happy about so many distinguished recycling experts joined me in contributing to this ambitious project. We all share one vision, which is as well the basis of INEOS Styrolution’s strategy: Used plastics need to be treated as a precious resource for high quality applications in all industry segments. They must not be buried in landfills, incinerated, nor end up in the ocean. Therefore, recycling is the key step for a circular economy, providing a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for all of us.”


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