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100% bio-attributed option now available for select ECO products

Our Styrolux® ECO and Styroflex® ECO product lines comprising 100% bio-attributed feedstock are now available to customers.

In 2021, Styrolux ECO and Styroflex ECO were the world’s first specialty products based on bio-attributed styrene. Today, both the styrene and the butadiene components in these SBC copolymer products can be manufactured from 100% bio-attributed feedstock. 

Styrolux ECO B100 and Styroflex ECO B100 offers identical product characteristics as the conventionally-produced Styrolux and Styroflex. And, using feedstock sourced from kitchen waste and wood waste results in a neutral to even negative carbon footprint. 

A negative footprint is possible because the bio-naphtha originates from plant material. Plants sequester (take in and store) carbon from the atmosphere enabling it to be “locked” within the naphtha. The amount of carbon “locked” is greater than the production processes and other feedstocks creating a footprint that is below zero.
The entire bio-attribution process is certified by ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification).

Styrolux offers an amazing combination of high transparency, brilliance and impact resistance making it the material of choice for applications such as labelling and twist films, shrink films, food packaging, and medical applications. 

Styroflex offers the properties of a thermoplastic elastomer, is suitable for extrusion and injection moulding, and can be used for a broad range of applications such as wrap films and stretch hoods for the household industry.


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