Case Study

Robotic lawn mowers made with

Luran® S ECO 757G B50

Luran S ECO is the first bio-attributed ASA solution in the market that includes up to 50% bio-attributed content. The entire bio-attribution process including raw materials, supply chain, and production is certified by ISCC.

customer challenge

A manufacturer of gardening equipment was looking for a sustainable material for the housings of its robotic lawn mowers. The material had to be UV-resistant and withstand extreme weather conditions while retaining its high-gloss appearance after years of use.

Our solution

Luran S ECO 757G B50 (with 50% bio-attributed content) is a high-flow grade particularly suitable for demanding injection moulding geometries. With no changes in properties and quality of appearance, Luran S ECO continues to be a long-lasting polymer, with the added advantage of a carbon footprint reduction of 60% for Luran S ECO 757G B50, when compared to its fossil-based counterpart.