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INEOS Styrolution receives RecyClass certification for its recycled ABS grades

Press Release, 08/23/22, Frankfurt, Germany


  • The certification is valid for mechanically recycled Terluran® ECO MR[1] and Novodur® ECO MR grades
  • The certification confirms the post-consumer origin of the used waste
  • Applications based on Terluran ECO MR and Novodur ECO MR will be shown at the K fair 2022


INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has today announced that its sustainable mechanically recycled ECO grades have received RecyClass certification. The Recycled Plastics Traceability certification, which is valid for Terluran ECO MR as well as Novodur ECO MR grades, confirms the post-consumer origin of the waste used in the production of the respective products.

The newly-obtained RecyClass certification now “guarantees the origins and traceability of recycled material and uses the percentage-based recycled content calculation approach that is verified throughout the entire value chain. This is ensured via the Chain of Custody ISO 22095 as well as the Recycled Plastics EN 15353:2006 standards, on which the certification is based. The transparency of the scheme is additionally warranted via the system of the third-party certification audits.”[2]

The certification confirms the post-consumer origin of the waste used in the Terluran ECO MR and Novodur ECO MR materials and

  • facilitates traceability of recycled materials along the value chain,
  • promotes transparent use of recycled plastic in new products, and
  • reinforces reliable and verifiable claims on recycled plastic.


Terluran ECO MR

INEOS Styrolution’s portfolio of sustainable "ECO" materials includes Terluran® ECO GP-22 MR50 and MR70, two commercially available ABS[3] grades incorporating 50% and 70% recycled content, respectively. Both grades offer performance on the same level as virgin material, thereby avoiding the need for downcycling and instead offering a drop-in solution for existing ABS applications.

In this way, the Terluran ECO MR grades are a significant step forward towards a circular economy, and a valuable tool to help customers achieve their sustainability targets.

Louie Mackee, Commercial Product Manager for Sustainable Products, says: “We are delighted to have completed the RecyClass certification for our mechanically recycled ABS grades, guaranteeing the post-consumer origin of the waste used to produce them. We recognise this as an important step towards increasing customer confidence when using materials containing recycled content, and our portfolio of sustainable ABS products is now stronger than ever. We invite customers to see a selection of applications made from our mechanically recycled Terluran ECO materials at INEOS Styrolution’s booth at the K show in Düsseldorf in October.”


Novodur ECO MR and Novodur ECO High Heat MR

Novodur specialty ABS solutions come in various colours.  Consequently, also the Novodur ECO MR products are available in black and in various colours. A product for self-colouring is available as well. Mechanically recycled Novodur material is available with a 30% to 70% post-consumer mechanically recycled content. The individual grades come with a significant product carbon footprint (PCF) reduction of up to 57%.
Nils Wittenberg, Technical Product Manager Novodur EMEA, says: “RecyClass certification is a significant step for our mechanical recycling solution. The properties for our Novodur ECO MR speak for themselves. The materials are plug-in solutions. And now, the origin of the post-consumer waste is certified as well.”


[1] "MR" in a product name indicates that it uses material from mechanical recycling

[2] See also:

[3] ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


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