Case Study

Food trays made with

Styrolution® PS ECO

Mechanically-recycled PS has the highest technology maturity and the lowest carbon footprint in comparison to other recycling technologies. Styrolution PS ECO MR100 products are not only made from recycled material, but they are also fully recyclable.

customer challenge

Our customers are looking for products made with renewable materials and with a reduced carbon footprint. The grades need to match the performance and have the same property profile as conventional materials. In addition, retaining already optimised and highly efficient infrastructure and processes is necessary.

Our solution

Our customers can now benefit from the excellent property profile of mechanically-recycled Styrolution PS ECO. In this application, the recycled material is used behind a so-called ‘functional barrier’ to ensure compliance with relevant food contact regulations. This makes the material is a suitable choice for applications including the customer’s product line of XPS foam food packaging trays.