Case Study

B-pillars made with

Novodur® ECO HH-106 MR30

Our Novodur ECO HH solutions offer a balanced property profile making them sustainable options for automotive applications, such as pillars. Novodur ECO HH-106 is made of mechanically recycled post-consumer waste.

customer challenge

Premium car manufacturers are looking sustainable solutions and a reliable partner to deliver a drop-in solution for B-pillars. The material has to match the performance of its fossil-based equivalent, such as heat resistance and high gloss finish.

Our solution

Our Novodur ECO HH solutions contain up to 40% post-consumer-recycled material. The recycled ABS feedstock is sourced from WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment), which mainly comprises household appliances and tools, televisions, and computers that have reached the end of their life.