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Taking the single out of single-use food packaging

Taking the single out of single-use food packaging

# Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

Made with mechanically recycled polystyrene, Styrolution® PS ECO can be used for food packaging such as dairy packaging and foam trays. Read more

Measuring the carbon footprint of polystyrene recycling

# Depolymerisation, Dissolution, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

A lifecycle assessment of mechanical and advanced recycling processes for polystyrene reveals significant savings in greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

Polystyrene, a modern marvel

# Depolymerisation, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

Polystyrene, one of the first commercially used polymers, is the material of choice in many industries. And we are making sure it has an even brighter future. Read more

Mechanical recycling: converting waste into value

# ABS, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

Our mechanically recycled polystyrene and ABS products offer unparalleled performance with no downcycling. Read more

Depolymerisation: moving from lab-scale to pilot-scale

# Depolymerisation, Polystyrene

We reveal our plans to build a depolymerisation plant for polystyrene recycling in Wingles, France. Read more

Remove2Reclaim: Researching dissolution for styrenic polymers

# Dissolution, Polystyrene

Dissolution or dissolving plastic is one of the least-expensive solutions with the best time to market and the lowest carbon footprint. Read about our research project in Belgium that is investigating this technology. . Read more

Breathing new LIFE into our products

Breathing new LIFE into our products

# ABS, Depolymerisation

We are leading a four-year, three-million-euro subsidised project, to convert polystyrene waste into high-quality styrene for use in durable applications. Read more

Living sustainability. Together.

# ABS, Polystyrene

We are collaborating with customers to help make their sustainability goals a reality. Read more

Bio-attributed styrenics. Performance powered by nature.

# Bio-Attribution

This is what INEOS Styrolution is now offering with Styrolux® ECO and Styroflex, the world’s first specialty styrenics materials made using renewable feedstock. Read more

Polystyrene + dairy packaging = a winning combination

Polystyrene + dairy packaging = a winning combination

# Depolymerisation, Mechanical Recycling, Polystyrene

Innovation and expertise have elevated polystyrene to the most popular material solution for dairy product packaging. Read more

ResolVe: Researching depolymerisation of polystyrene

# Depolymerisation, Polystyrene

We have successfully completed a research project to create basic chemistry know-how supporting the commercialisation of polystyrene depolymerisation. Read more

Building the best recycled ABS in the world

# ABS, Mechanical Recycling

Our quest to make the first (and best) world-scale recycled ABS started in 2018. Since then, there has been a rapid growth in demand and capacity for this product Read more

Cleaning up our act

# Community

We are helping clean up our local communities and reduce plastic waste pollution. Read more

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