Sustainability Bites

New bio-styrene reduces carbon footprint by 99%

INEOS Styrolution has launched Luran ECO and NAS ECO, specialty products based on the ISCC PLUS certified mass balance process.

Both products have identical physical and mechanical properties as their fossil-based counterparts Luran and NAS, enabling a drop-in replacement for customers seeking to step up their sustainability efforts.

Luran ECO and NAS ECO are based on the production of styrene from renewable feedstocks that do not compete with food production, such as kitchen waste and wood waste. Their feedstock sources, supply chain and production processes have been awarded ISCC PLUS certification, which means they comply with the highest sustainability certification criteria.

Both products are available with a renewable content of 60% to 80%. This results in a carbon footprint reduction of 77% to 99% compared to fossil-based Luran and NAS, depending on the amount of renewable feedstock used to produce the material. Available now!

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