Building the best recycled ABS in the world

We enable a circular economy for ABS through mechanical recycling with an unparalleled quality

ABS is a styrenics material that, due to its light weight, helps conserve energy and reduces fuel consumption in the automotive industry, reduces energy consumption by insulating buildings, and protects electronic equipment with aesthetic and durable housings.

To make sure this valuable material is not wasted and disposed after one use, we have optimised a process called mechanical recycling. This is a method by which industrial or post-consumer waste is physically processed back into pellets, without changing the basic chemical structure of the material.

Mechanical recycling: a proven technology that works for various styrenics polymers

Using our expertise, experience and research capabilities as the global leader in styrenics, we produce
high-quality recycled ABS that performs as well as non-recycled ABS grades.

Our customers benefit from unparalleled performance with no downcycling – and are closer to
meeting their sustainability targets.

Learn more about TERLURAN® ECO, the mechanical post consumer recycling (PCR) grade.

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Follow the recycling journey of coffee machine and learn more about mechanical recycling of ABS, with no downcycling.

Watch the step-by-step demonstration of the viability of high purity mechanical recyclingof polystyrene.

Amazing facts about ABS
Amazing facts about ABS
INEOS Styrolution introduces first standard ABS grades with post-consumer recycled material.
INEOS Styrolution and bage plastics collaborate to scale up production of the newly developed recycling ABS grade – Terluran® ECO GP-22.
INEOS Styrolution sustainability report 2020
Read our Sustainability Report 2020 for more information on our actions on chemical recycling, and more.

You want to achieve sustainability for your ABS products?

We are the leading, global styrenics supplier with a focus on styrene monomer, polystyrene, ABS standard and styrenic specialties. We strive to provide sustainable solutions to our customers and end-consumers such as producing high-quality products from recycled materials and offering the integration of renewable feedstock as a replacement for fossil fuel.

To learn more about our sustainable offerings, please contact Dr. Ralf Leinemann, Global Manager PR & Marketing Communications. He will identify the right specialist for the topic you are interested in.
Ralf Leinemann
Dr. Ralf Leinemann, Global Manager PR & Marketing Communications